Arsonsisi will take part in the FIELD JOINT COATING 2014 conference

The event for the field-applied coating solutions for pipelines will take place from 2-4 September 2014 at the Radisson Blu Scandivania Hotel, in Düsseldorf –  Germany.

The first edition of the International conference organized by Applied Market Information Ltd. (AMI) will focus on the latest developments and innovations in materials, products and technologies applied in field joint coatings and other types of field-applied coatings for steel pipeline in the Oil & Gas plants.

The event will bring together pipeline owners and operators, contractors coating experts worldwide, test institutes, as well as suppliers of materials, products and equipment, in order to agree on the industry-wide requirements and share knowledge regarding the optimal solutions.

The conference will open dibates and discussions on the main issues related to the field-applied pipeline coatings, which face a specific array of challenges and are technologically different from the plant applied coatings.

Arsonsisi will be present among the main protective coating steel pipeline suppliers for gas, oil, water, to share its knowledge. Arsonsisi covers the full gamut of the functional powder coating market through its Basepox® line, epoxy resin based powders targeted at the highly selective and technologically demanding market, made up by specialists who design and maintain the pipelines, that supply the modern world with hydrocarbons, including those who produce valves and pipes for civil use.

Field Joint Coating 2014