How to choose the right UV coating

When it comes to UV curing coatings, it is important to make distinctions because various types exist that have different characteristics and performance.
So how do you choose the UV coating that best suits your needs?

UV curing coatings are becoming increasingly popular in the industrial coatings market, since they successfully meet many recent market demands, such as eco-friendliness and high productivity, at affordable prices in order to remain competitive.

UV coatings, now well-established in the wood coating and ink printing markets, have become viable alternatives also in the industrial market of metals and plastics.

The types of UV coatings currently available are:

  • 100% dry residue UV coatings
  • Solvent-based UV coatings
  • Water-based UV coatings
  • UV cross-linkable coatings with LED UV lamps

All the above UV coatings can be formulated in a „dual cure” version, i.e. hybridized with a thermal cross-linking resin, so as to facilitate UV curing coating even for three-dimensional details that are not easily heated by the rays of a UV lamp.

Once the advantages of UV coatings over traditional heat-dried coatings are understood, however, the question arises as to which type of UV coating to choose.

The table below is intended to help you consciously assess the strengths and weaknesses of the different types of UV coatings.

table comparing UV coatings

As can be seen from a brief analysis of the characteristics given, there is absolutely no type of UV coating that is better than others. Since they all have advantages and disadvantages, it is better to opt for the most suitable solution depending on the requirements of the product segment concerned.

Without going into a detailed analysis of what is shown in the table, it is however useful and interesting to note how, on the whole, the UV coatings with the most critical issues (i.e. red indicators) are water-based and solvent-based UV coatings.

Naturally, everyone, due to their own business requirements and the market, can more or less choose the type of UV coatings to be used, although sometimes some choices are, unfortunately, quite compulsory.

In the field of packaging, for example, where different plastic materials are treated and where high-quality finishes and high productivity are required, the only UV coatings currently used are solvent-based.

Arsonsisi is at the complete disposal of customers to discuss, in detail, the topics covered and evaluate together with its technicians the best technological solutions to meet their specific needs.

Author: Dr. Stefano Lazzerini

Business Manager e UV Product Manager di Arsonsisi Spa.

mobile:+39 338 2614413

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