Powder coating with zero environmental impact

Arsonsisi will participate in the digital slow meeting TST/2021 on surface treatments, organized by Poliefun – Politecnico di Milano, in the session on sustainability of resources and on low environmental impact finishing materials.

Sustainability and Circularity are issues that increasingly affect the production processes of companies.

Powder coating fits well into an eco-sustainability policy, due to the absence of solvent emissions and the almost total recovery of the fine powders waste used in processing.

Arsonsisi will participate in the digital slow meeting “TST/2021 – Trends in Surface Technology” on Circularity in the surface treatment sector, organized by the Poliefun – Politecnico di Milano association.

The digital event is divided into 6 sessions, each lasting two hours, from 15 April to 20 May, every Thursday between 10.30 and 12.00 am.

TST/2021, with its sessions (materials, systems, and analysis and process tools), aims precisely at providing an occasion for discussing and analysing the state of the art and the ways in which companies are implementing circular virtuous cycles by prioritising their environmental footprint.

On 22 April at 11.30 am Cristoforo Brendas, Powder Coatings Business Manager at Arsonsisi, will address the theme ” Powder coating with zero environmental impact” in the session dedicated to the sustainability of resources.

TST-2021 session program

Participation as a public is free, but it is necessary to register on the Poliefun Association website.