Top Quality Collection J 20.20

Born iconic

Looking ahead to the future, in 2017 we decided to anticipate forthcoming trends in the design sector.

This has led to Top Quality Collection J 20.20, comprising 35 iconic colours that we have carefully selected for their timeless appeal and that harmoniously merge with all surroundings.

Top Quality Collection J 20.20 is a range of carboxyl polyester resin-based thermo-setting powder coatings, which have been cross-linked with non-toxic hardeners free from heavy metals and harmful substances. The collection has obtained Qualicoat Class 1 certification and has been especially designed to meet the needs of the architecture sector.

The collection is divided into 7 Elements, representing the same number of facets of taste: Water, Metals, Flora, Space, Snow, Precious, Soil. Each Element consists of 5 easily matching colours.

Top Quality Collection J 20.20 is available in pastel colours, textured finishes and metallic effects. The latter have all been bonderized to facilitate their application, evenness and aesthetic appeal.

General properties: excellent mechanical characteristics, exceptional resistance to corrosion and exposure in outdoor environments, outstanding aesthetic appeal.

Application fields: thanks to the quality of coatings – with Qualicoat Class 1 certification for outdoor use – and to versatile colours, the collection is ideal for the broadest range of applications including: panels, aluminium profiles, doors, lighting, furnishing accessories and garden furniture.

Application: all the products in the range can be applied using the corona or triboelectric process.