Selac HP/BS powder coatings – High Penetration and Low Thickness – technology and innovation for the market to reduce costs

Arsonsisi participated in the conference “Polveri  2013”, organised by Anver (Italian National Association of Industrial Coaters) and held at its headquarters in Vimercate on July 10. The main focus: to identify how to reduce the operating costs of pre-treatment and powder coating.

Arsonsisi responded with Selac HP/BS powder coatings, featuring high penetration and low thickness.

Always attentive to market demands, Arsonsisi provides its customers with top-quality products, available in a full range able of optimal technical solutions to satisfy all needs. Through its relentless research and development, even on this occasion, the company offers to work alongside its customers to support their growth as a technical partner.

Selac HP/BS coating products are based on special formulations and selected raw materials to achieve excellent fluidity, high covering power and perfectly even application. Technically, the main difference compared to standard powder coatings is its particle size distribution.

There are two types of Selac HP/BS products: coatings with low film thickness of down to 40 μm, in which particles have an average diameter of 20-28 μm – and medium/low film thickness between 40 and 50 μm with particles featuring an average diameter of 28-36 μm.

The addition of grinding aids is automatic and quantities can be dosed accurately and evenly throughout the grinding process. This process allows for a consistent application of coatings over time and determines one of the most important success factors of these products. Exploiting their full potential requires dedicated, optimised systems.

Sistema corona.
Corona system.

Selac HP/BS – The right key.

One of the most common problems of application systems is the so-called “Faraday cage”. In the presence of an electrostatic field, electric charges accumulate on the outside surface and on the edges, leaving the inner side isolated by an invisible closed door, which prevents dust particles from entering.

Through their special features, Selac HP/BS products are the right key to open this door and get inside the cage. In short, using these coatings offers multiple advantages. In particular, they ensure more constant final quality, a reduced “frame” effect on the edges, even layers and a 15% higher yield per m².   Important results are also obtained in terms of costs:

  • the amount of powder dispensed is reduced by 25 to 40% depending on layer thickness
  • lower recirculation and less production waste
  • lower spending on spare parts due to reduced wear of guns, nozzles, hoses, Venturi tubes and pumps
  • reduced cleaning time, which helps increase productivity by 10%
  • a 20-25% final saving for low and medium-thickness products, and up to 30% for low-thickness products

In short, a practical response to the constant market demand for lower costs.

The full range of Selac HP/BS powder coatings covers both tribo and corona application systems, and includes epoxypolyester and epoxy resin coatings for interiors, polyester coatings for exteriors and aliphatic polyurethane coatings for exteriors and interiors. The main reference markets range from small and large appliances, flat panel and tubular radiators, boilers and shower enclosures, shelving and house and office furnishings, through to exterior and interior automotive components, clear coat finishes on car wheels and metallic paints in general.

Misurazione effettuata con granulometro a diffrazione laser su campione con prodotto standard (d 0,50 = 36-50 μm).
Laser diffraction particle size measurement on a sample coated with standard product (0.50 d = 36-50 m).

Misurazione effettuata con granulometro a diffrazione laser su campione con prodotto Selac HP/BS (d 0,50 = 20-28 μm).
Laser diffraction particle size measurement on a sample coated with Selac HP/BS product (0.50 d = 20-28 μm).