A day spent with Arsonsisi learning about powder coatings

Arsonsisi organised an information and training day on powder coatings to strengthen its partnership with a group of Italian customers.

A large number of participants took part in the meeting held on 6 July at the Grand Hotel Dino, Baveno. This initiative was backed by the Polveri Italia division to provide an opportunity to share and interact with its customers.

For the occasion, Arsonsisi exhibited several historical documents showing the growth of the company throughout its 100 years in business.
For the occasion, Arsonsisi exhibited several historical documents showing the growth of the company throughout its 100 years in business.

After the welcome address, the meeting began by focusing on the 100th anniversary of Arsonsisi (1917-2017). The company has been headed by various families through wars, achievements and successes during these 100 years, which have seen significant changes in Italy.

The general overview of the company and its businesses showed how Arsonsisi has been able to develop, diversify its products and change its reference sectors to meet market demands and offer its services today as a sole supplier of industrial coatings.

After 40 years operating in the field of powder coatings, Arsonsisi has consolidated its technological know-how. The company’s offer is made complete with over 7,000 products, an e-commerce portal dedicated to online sales of powder coatings and a well-equipped R&D lab that can create tailor-made products.

Arsonsisi offers its customers not only a broad range of products for all industrial sectors but also its experience.

top quality collection j 2020 colour cardCristoforo Brendas, Powder Coatings Sales Manager – Italy, emphasised that Arsonsisi’s specialised technical assistance service provides continuous support for customers throughout all sales phases while establishing a direct link with the lab.

Much attention was given to the latest product in 2017, the new collection of powder coatings for the architecture sector, Top Quality Collection J 20.20, which was premiered to all the participants.

The versatile display stands and original palette of 35 iconic colours were much appreciated.


After lunch on the terrace, where guests enjoyed a wonderful view of Lake Maggiore and its Borromean islands, the group went to Arsonsisi’s plant in Verbania to visit the labs and production units.

A practical demonstration of applying powder-on-powder coatings aroused much interest. This powder cycle, which is inexpensive, environmentally friendly and offers excellent protection against corrosion, allows savings that cannot be achieved using traditional double layer cycles involving separate baking phases.

powder on powder coatings application
Cristoforo Brendas ended the day by reiterating that Arsonsisi’s activities are always focused on its customers.

We know that customer care requires much time, commitment, patience and skill because individual customers have their own knowledge, demands and way of doing business.
We organised this day to get to know each other better, to inform you about our products and projects so that we can develop and strengthen our partnership.

Commented Cristoforo Brendas.