Top Quality Collection J 20.20, the new collection of powder coatings by Arsonsisi, anticipates forthcoming trends in design, drawing inspiration from iconic colours

Arsonsisi presents its new range of polyester coatings Top Quality Collection J 20.20, with Qualicoat Class 1 certification, which anticipates colour trends for the furniture, design and architecture sectors, with a special collection of 35 iconic colours featuring striking nuances.

Metals ElementThe new Top Quality Collection J 20.20 meets the highest decorative standards thanks to its outstanding mechanical characteristics, aesthetic appeal and its excellent resistance to corrosion and exposure in outdoor environments, guaranteed by Qualicoat Class 1 certification.

The collection, created with the cooperation of colour specialists, is divided into 7 elements: Water, Metals, Flora, Space, Snow, Precious and Soil.

Each element comprises 5 iconic colours that all match and are intended to remain timeless for a long period, since they can be perfectly incorporated into any context.

The focus is on pastel colours, soft textured finishes and bonderized metals, thus ensuring the best possible application of paint and a more even and consistent finish than traditional finishes.

The chosen names highlight the iconic nature of colour, enhanced with a striking nuance capable of stirring the imagination and inspiring the creativity of designers.

This exciting journey among colours, starting with the deep blue of the ocean depths, crosses the waters of the Black Sea, flows through mountain waterfalls and streams, challenges the Bering Sea currents and recalls important explorations in the Atlantic while giving the element of Water unexpected nuances and reflections.


The colours used for Metals and Precious preserve a touch of nostalgia, with traces revived in the present.
Contemporary design contexts are perfectly enhanced with the elegant and versatile crinkled and marbled effects of rust, copper and iron, whereas precious stones and metals in attractive and evocative bonderized colours are ideal for timeless projects.


For Flora and Snow, the force of nature reigns. For the former element, the iconic colours are the evergreens also found in the most extreme conditions, from lichens in the cold countries of the north to cactuses growing in arid areas. Elegant and delicate shades of white and grey for Snow recall lands that emerge from melting glaciers or the peaks of the Dolomites and create light effects reflected by ice crystals.

The colours of bonderized metals for Space are more striking. They go beyond infinite boundaries to galaxies, stars and planets to meet new glowing shades and nuances.


The journey ends by returning to Soil, with its reassuring sense of solidity and security and the colours of natural soils that acquire dominant colours that are very different yet always match perfectly.


The Top Quality Collection J 20.20 can be used in a wide range of industrial applications thanks to the quality of coatings – with Qualicoat Class 1 certification for outdoor use – and to versatile colours: panels, aluminium profiles, doors, gates, lighting technology products, furnishing accessories and garden furniture.

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